2019-2020 Hockey Season

September 2019 -  March 2020

Membership: Renewals for the 2019/2020 season take place during the summer.

Age groups are shown as GU or BU (GU9 - Girls Under 9, BU9 - Boys Under 9).  The age groups follow the school academic years which takes a child's age from 1st September.  So someone who is 9 on 1st September is an U10 for the entire season even if they have their 10th birthday during the season.

Age groups:  U5 - Reception, U6 - Year 1,  U7 - Year 2, U8 - Year 3, U9 - Year 4, U10 - Year 5, U11 - Year 6, U12 - Year 7, U13 - Year 8, U14 - Year 9, U15 - Year 10, U16 - Year 11. All U17+ play senior hockey.  

Hockey Kit:  

All juniors require a mouthguard, hockey shin pads, stick, left hand glove and bottle of water for all training sessions and matches.  These may be purchased at most good sports shops or alternatively online.  Our junior playing kit is currently unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances with our supplier.  Information on our new supplier will be sent out and added here as soon as possible.  In the meantime members should wear clothing appropriate for sport and the weather whilst mouthguards, shin pads, sticks etc may be purchased at most good sports shops or online.


For junior hockey membership please complete our online Junior Member Enquiry Form after which we will be in contact with you regarding the options available for your son or daughter.

Training Schedule: